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Hannu Tenhunen
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. Dr.h.c Prof.h.c. Hannu Tenhunen is chair professor of Electronic Systems at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. Tenhunen has held professor position as full professor, invited professor or visiting honorary professor in Finland (TUT, UTU), Sweden (KTH), USA (Cornel U), France (INPG), China (Fudan and Beijing Jiatong Universities), and Hong Kong (Chinese University of Hong Kong), and has an honorary doctorate from Tallinn Technical University.
He has been director of multiple national large scale research programs or being an initiator and director of national or European graduate schools. He has actively contributed on VLSI and SoC design in Finland and Sweden via creating new educational programs and research directions, most lately at European level as being the EU-level Education Director of the new European flagship initiative European Institute of Technology and Innovations (EIT), and its Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT ICT Labs. Prof. Tenhunen has been active in promoting the innovation system and innovation support mechanism in research and education both at national and European level. Prof. Tenhunen has been a board member in science parks, start-up companies, and has served as advisor or expert for high technology companies and venture capitalists, as well as evaluator for EU and national programs and research institutes. He has supervised over 70 M.Sc. thesis, 39 doctoral thesis, and 8 post-doc. From his doctoral students and post-docs, as of today, 21 are currently professors and associate professors.
Prof. Tenhunen has served in Technical Program Committee's of all major conferences in his area, have been general chairman or vice-chairman or member of Steering Committee of multiple conferences in his core competence areas. He has been one of the founding editorial board member of 3 scientific journal, have been quest editor for multiple special issues of scientific journals or books, and have contributed numerous invited papers to journals. He has contributed to over 127 journal papers, over 656 reviewed international conference papers, over 190 non-reviewed papers, local conference papers, or other publications, and 9 international patents granted in multiple countries. Prof. Tenhunen is member of Academy of Engineering Science of Finland.

Speech Title: Globally Evolving Landscape for Innovations in Electronic Education
One of the core fundamental changes transforming our societies and individual life is much larger utilization of electronics technologies on our daily lives. We have had a number of significant breakthrough covering the different phase of evolution:(i) the microprocessor era, (ii) the personal communication era with DSP optimized systems, (iii) the networked era with seaming less integration of technologies and applications, and most recently providing artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computing to masses. For the last item we can clearly recognize the race to the edge of global Internet-of-Things network with an aim to transferring the interconnected specialized sensors to a fog based computing platform. In this overview presentation we will look the evolution of technology, transforming our educational profiles, as well as how we build up global partnerships in this domain. The key conclusion is that we need more immersive strategic co-operation between geographic areas as well as across industrial segments. Some examples will be provided on this based on European experience, e.g. through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


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